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London: The Tyndale Press, 1965.
[Reproduced by permission]

Table of Contents

Notes on Some Problems in the Book of DanielSome Historical Problems in the Book of Daniel - D.J. Wiseman - pp. 9-18.View in PDF format pdf

The Musical Instruments in Nebuchadnezzar's Orchestra - T.C. Mitchell and R. Joyce - pp. 19-27.View in PDF format pdf

The Hebrew of Daniel - W.J. Martin - pp. 28-30. View in PDF format pdf

The Aramaic of Daniel - K.A. Kitchen - 31-79.View in PDF format pdf


This monograph brings together, in expanded form, some of the papers first read at the Tyndale Fellowship Old Testament Study Group meeting at Tyndale House, Cambridge, in July, 1964 to consider some of the many problems to be found in the book of Daniel. While the views here expressed are those of the individual authors, it is considered that the data collected, the subjects covered, and the new theories proposed are sufficiently important to warrant their presentation in a more permanent form. They present a challenge to commonly held views and it is hoped that they will contribute to the further understanding of some of the difficulties studied. All the writers would wish it to be remembered that these contributions were primarily intended to be the basis of discussion, the re-examination of theories, and an indication of further lines of research which might lead to an elucidation of a selected problem.

"My own contribution has been wisely followed and I still feel that it answers problems & I would be willing for you to reproduce my chapter with due acknowledgement."

Donald Wiseman, letter to the webmaster, 15th July 2005