Apostolic History and The Gospel.
Biblical and Historical Essays presented to F. F. Bruce on his 60th Birthday.
W. Ward Gasque, editor


The Paternoster Press, 1970. Hbk. ISBN: 085364098X. pp.378.
[Reproduced by permission.]

Wadi Qumaran, Looking Towards the Dead Sea

This festschrift in honour of Professor F. F. Bruce has contributions on Acts considered as an historical document, on the significance of the preface to Luke and the kerygma in Acts, on the journey-motif in Luke-Acts, with some archaeological observations on Paul's first missionary journey, on the resurrection in Acts, on some Semitisms in Acts, on the role of the Christian Prophet described in Acts, and on the connexion between ancient astrological geography and the list of those "out of every nation under heaven" who first heard the gospel on the day of Pentecost.

A further section of the book concentrates on Paul—his conversion, his Christology, his missionary preaching, his attitude to the Law, the part played by revelation and tradition, apostles before and after Paul's time—and also provides contributions on specific passages of Romans, Corinthians, Philippians, Timothy and on the Captivity Epistles generally. A third section discusses the Chi-Rho sign, its origin and significance, some "Acts" and "Epistles" in apocryphal literature, and comes down to the present in a consideration of the first chapter of Romans and the modern missionary movement.

This wide variety of contributions from scholars in three continents is now made available to the large circle of readers who will wish to join in birthday felicitations to Professor Bruce and to wish him many more happy and fruitful years.

Contents Part 1

The Acts of the Apostles as a Document of First Century History. E. M. BlaiklockView in PDF format

The Role of the Christian Prophet in Acts. E. Earle Ellis""View in PDF format

The Journey Motif in Luke-Acts. Floyd V. Filson""View in PDF format

The Preface to Luke and the Kerygma in Acts. A.J.B. Higgins""View in PDF format

The Resurrection in the Acts of the Apostles. I. Howard Marshall""View in PDF format

The Purpose of Acts: Schneckenburger Reconsidered. A. J. Mattill, Jr.""View in PDF format

Ancient Astrological Geography and Acts 2:9-11. Bruce M. Metzger""View in PDF format

Semitisms in the Book of Acts. D. F. Payne.""View in PDF format

Some Archaeological Observations on Paul's First Missionary Journey. Bastiaan Van Elderen.""View in PDF format

Part 2

A Comparison of Paul's Missionary Preaching and Preaching to the Church. William Barclay""View in PDF format

The Conversion of Paul, and its Influence on his Understanding of Salvation by Faith. Jacques Dupont, O.S.B.""View in PDF format

Paul and the Law—"All Things to All Men". H. L. Ellison""View in PDF format

The Form, Meaning and Background of the Hymn Quoted in I Timothy 3 :16. Robert H. Gundry""View in PDF format

Revelation and Tradition in Paul. G. E. Ladd""View in PDF format

1 Corinthians 11 :2-16 : An Interpretation. William Martin""View in PDF format

Covenant and Communion in First Corinthians. A. R. Millard""View in PDF format

The Theme of Romans. Leon Morris""View in PDF format

Further Reflexions on Philippians 2:5-11. C. F. D. Moule""View in PDF format

Caesarea, Rome and the Captivity Epistles. Bo Reicke""View in PDF format

Apostles Before and During Paul's Time. R. Schnackenburg""View in PDF format

The Origin of Pauline Christology. Margaret ThrallView in PDF format

Part 3

The Chi-Rho Sign—Christogram and/or Staurogram? Matthew Black""View in PDF format

Acts and Epistles in Apocryphal Writings. Donald Guthrie""View in PDF format

The First Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans and the Modern Missionary Movement. A. F. Walls.""View in PDF format

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